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Thick at Kootenay Pass

30mm of precipitation in 24hrs and a snow-rain line rising to 1750m meant Kootenay Pass was a better bet than Whitewater yesterday morning. The pass sits at 1781m, sparing us any exposure to liquid precipitation, a service the resort could... Continue Reading →


Bonnington Cabin Trip

The house we currently live in sits on the northernmost slope of the Bonnington Range. As the crow flies, we are only 12km away from Copper Hut. This proximity, affordable huts and a reputation of being an excellent introductory ski traverse... Continue Reading →

5 Mile Basin – With Original Soundtrack

Avalanche danger has remained considerable for the past week in the West Kootenays and as a result, there was a fatality in the Whitewater vicinity on January 21. We heard of this sombre incident from a man skiing the resort... Continue Reading →

Reclaiming Kootenay Pass

Roxanne is finally able to tour again, so we decided to pick up where we left off and headed back to Kootenay Pass. We chose the Northwest slope of Cornice Ridge since avalanche danger was considerable. This area offers many... Continue Reading →

Alone on Brennan

Ever since I stood on the summit of Mount Brennan in summer, I have been dreaming of going back with my snowboard. With Roxanne recovering from her injury, I had kept my tours short in the last two weeks, but... Continue Reading →

The Backyard

I Recently read a short story by Annie Proulx called Skiing After Dark. It inspired me to venture into my own backyard in Blewett to discover the immediate surroundings. Just like Annie, I went skiing in the hills behind my house... Continue Reading →

Silent Peak – With original soundtrack

Despite all the excitement that it provides, scrambling a peak is an uncertain enterprise in which one is confronted to one’s own limitations. In the wilderness, there is no definitive route to attain a summit. The climber must unlock a... Continue Reading →

Camel Ride at Kootenay Pass

Leading up to Christmas, Whitewater was a ghost town.  Like spoiled kids, we had the mountain all to ourselves, or so it seemed.  Little did we know, many other enthusiasts were making plans to join us for the holidays. A... Continue Reading →

Deep at WH2O

In a skier's mind, amongst all the memories, some leave a more permanent mark than others. Most great, others, we learn from. These moments and their impressions come to define our passion. December 19 at Whitewater left such a mark... Continue Reading →

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