Trip date: Jan 8, 2019

We started in darkness, trying to pick our route through an alder maze, expecting a cold, vivid bluebird day.  That’s what the forecast called for… Reality had different plans.  20 minutes after an exceptional sunrise, clouds took over the show.  Mountains reveal how little control we have beyond ourselves.  One can only strive to better seize the moment and hope for the best.

To keep pushing, we had to humble ourselves and concentrate on how lucky we were.  The snow on the south-facing slope was perfect and the lack of sun would preserve it.  A luxury most clear days can’t provide.



Emerging above the trees, we were awed by the playful terrain around.  Stable conditions and just enough visibility allowed us to ride the open E Bowl of London Ridge in deep, low density powder.  Each turn was effortless, a feeling that never gets old!


Fortunately, the party wasn’t over.  We treated ourselves to more dream-like snow on the south-facing chutes, leading us to an area reminiscent of a “Japow”  movie scene.  Consistent pitch and coverage brought us all the way down to the highway, 50m from where our car was parked.  Nothing left to top it off but a poutine Chez Serge in Kaslo!  We certainly tried to make the best of it.