By some Christmas miracle, we managed to teleport ourselves and 4 powder hungry friends to the middle of the Bonnington Range at Copper Cabin from Dec. 26 to 29 – Typically a two day approach.  Looking back, our overall goal for the trip seems to have been to track as much powder as possible, as fast as possible.  It may sound strange, but we don’t know of a better way to spend holidays when family is far away.

On day one, following teleportation, we had a quick lap on the SW aspect of Copper, skiing down to the hut.

Day two is when the shred-fest really began. We found some great E facing lines with stable conditions into Hall Creek.


After a cozy cabin lunch, we skied the closest North facing lines.  Snow was perfect and everyone was able to find their own features. Great zone for group skiing!


Day three had been forecast a bluebird when we left civilization, but clear skies are very elusive in the West Kootenays this time of year.  It was a fun black and white day none the less with plenty of fresh lines left to be had in the Hall Creek Drainage.


On our final day we concluded with a morning run off the summit of Copper in close to zero visibility and crazy winds.  Our window was over and it was time to go home.  After a last lunch at the hut, we fell asleep for an afternoon nap and somehow all awoke in our respective living rooms; our minds replenished with powder dreams.  The magic of Christmas lives on!

Jedidiah Bowes, Alex Pepree, James Caldwell, Roxanne Roy, Gabriel Gagnon