Twice in the past month, hiking up Mt Steele and Rainy Peak, we gravitated towards the Tetrahedron.  Its pull became undeniable.  Nothing short of mounting the summit would provide relief.

The King of the lower Sunshine Coast summoned us on September 28 to what proved to be one of our wildest scrambles yet.  Our long journey began before the trailhead as we couldn’t drive the last 2km with our Honda Fit.  Pedalling the first 6.5km on an overgrown logging road included crossing a cable line bridge bikes in hand, which turned us into circus artists.  On the other side of the Rainy river, impressive ancient stumps studded the regrowth as a faint decaying relic of the forest that used to be.

We continued by foot for 4+km following a flagged route which became increasingly steep and obscure as it neared the alpine.  When we finally emerged out of the endless shrubbery into Tetrahedron Bowl, a blueberry dotted red carpet led upwards.

From the west col, we engaged into the remaining 150 vertical meters of steep scrambling determined to succeed.  Route finding was entertaining and the last 25 meters of elevation offered beautiful granite slab with good grip.  An exhilarating climb, worth every second of the lengthy approach.

Perched on the peak for over an hour we marvelled at a 360 degree panorama spanning from the sea to the vast glaciers of the Coast Mountains.


It was paradoxical to be so alone, yet have a view on Vancouver’s crowded shore. Reinvigorated, we started on our way down in a race against the sun.

We reached the car at nightfall feeling drained and craving a BIG meal.

Scramble Tetrahedron