One last article for the 2018 ski season to celebrate the arrival of summer and the reversal of the sun cycle towards shorter days and powder… The countdown has begun, enjoy summer while it lasts!

Our trip to the Ramparts of Kootenay Pass concluded a period of low snowfall in March which granted us perfect conditions for steep North facing lines.

We remain uncertain of the name of this mountain that lies North of The Muffin, but we think “The Ramparts” is most fitting. Stewart Spooner calls it this way in the blog article that inspired this outing. His feed is a true gold mine and a ray of hope for sustainable ski touring amidst the gas-guzzling, chopper-heiling backcountry culture of BC.

Getting to the top of the obvious chute seen from the highway was our most exciting ascent of the season, featuring slippery surfaces and a jerky ridgeline. The entrance to the line however, offered a wide balcony with a plunging view into the rock-lined slide. As we had hoped, the sheltered snow was silent and deep.