An early start is always a good start.  In the alpine, as the very first glow of a clear winter day grows stronger, the sky goes through an array of colors that has a calming effect on the soul. Time fades into light and everything else becomes irrelevant.

Our objective for this early spring tour was to find snow that had retained its powdery quality in spite of the recent warm and sunny weather. The plan was to ski a shady and narrow couloir we’d seen 2 years ago in a YouTube video entitled “Hidden Chute…”. There were no directions to get there besides some limited visual clues. We headed to where we thought it might be, with no guarantee of finding any good skiing… Perfectly appropriate given the name of the line.

We travelled along a mellow divide as the landscape grew bright. When we started to feel hot, a notch appeared on the ridgeline ahead. Upon reaching it, the sun aligned itself with the embrasure and a gateway into the mountain was revealed.

After having lunch on a nearby summit, we proceeded to enjoy some 100% ecologically shade grown pow beans. The faithful will always win, even if only in their minds.