On March 7 2018, Rox and Gab set forth on a mission to visit the Wolf of Kootenay Pass. The sun appeared shortly after takeoff, cooking the two birds like barbecue chicken. They rushed to the height of land where a constant and relieving breeze was found. Views were spectacular along the heavily corniced ridgeline. Every bend revealed massive hanging sculptures of snow and rock, testifying of the exceptional nature of this warm clear day. They kept travelling atop the wonderwall until the Peak was reached.

Standing on the head of the Wolf over a composed and stable face, the cuckoos knew they were in for a treat. The NE face and muzzle of the beast offered a long open alpine descent in perfect snow and equally appropriate lighting.

Once the excitement of the glide died down, the team slowly made their way home, summiting another lesser peak at the NE end of Wolf Ridge and skiing down to the car at dusk. A very satisfying day!