On December 6, the Cuckoos left the nest at 4:30 AM in hopes of skiing Mt Brennan, wondering if they were early enough for a full ascent. Last year, Gab attempted a solo tour to what became a seemingly unattainable summit. He had to turn around at sunset about 50 vertical meters short after breaking trail all the way up. This time, it was the two of them leaving an hour and fifteen minutes earlier… And who knows, maybe a skintrack had already been made to the top!

By 6:15 AM they were swiftly making their way through the night on a well broken trail. Roxanne was convinced it would go all the way to the peak, like a smooth packed powder highway laid out specifically for them. However, as it is often the case, dreams of effortless glory vanished as quickly as the skintrack did, and the couple realized they were going to have to give it their all.

With every determined step they were uplifted by clearing skies, expanding views and depleting oxygen. Around 3 PM, after several hours of relentless work, the two skiers finally reached the objective. The reward instantly gave meaning to their long journey. The sun and clouds were low, making for grand panoramas and an epic descent in magnificent powder.

It was quite the challenge, but in the end, the two young lovebirds accomplished what one alone could not.