On Google Earth, the East face of North Qua looks like a dream descent. To challenge this hypothesis, we took advantage of a short window of stable snow and clear skies, as our route would involve a lot of alpine terrain.

We left the base area of Whitewater at 5:15 AM to ensure we would catch the light on the East slope of North Qua before the afternoon. The first descent of our day was down the East side of Half Dome, facing the rising sun. We then traversed South below Ymir and kept going until we reached the saddle between Vili Peak and North Qua. The N ridge of North Qua being very intimidating, we traversed below the East face to gain the E-SE ridge.

After living the dream, we slowly made our way back to Ymir bowl, surveying the vast landscape. Looking at satellite images is great, but witnessing reality is what we live for.