30mm of precipitation in 24hrs and a snow-rain line rising to 1750m meant Kootenay Pass was a better bet than Whitewater yesterday morning. The pass sits at 1781m, sparing us any exposure to liquid precipitation, a service the resort could not provide. More than 30cm of dense new snow made for thick and fun conditions.

Avalanche Danger was high so we picked a conservative route of descent through the trees on the West slope of Baldy Rocks. As soon as the pitch was steep enough, small slides would release under us and run for 10 – 15m. It felt like walking on thin collapsing ice.  Because of the uncommitting nature of the terrain we were in, it was a rather exciting experience. The consequences of being carried in one of those predictable slides would most likely have been benign. However, it did inform us on what could have been a potentially deadly situation had we made different terrain choices.