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Dual Action on Brennan

On December 6, the Cuckoos left the nest at 4:30 AM in hopes of skiing Mt Brennan, wondering if they were early enough for a full ascent. Last year, Gab attempted a solo tour to what became a seemingly unattainable... Continue Reading →


Fall in Love

It's good to be back in Nelson earning our turns and enjoying every snowfall. ¬†November did not disappoint and graced us with decent coverage and beautiful snow. There was some rain last week, but it looks like snow is back... Continue Reading →

Pre-Halloween Pow at Gorman Lake

It might have been 10 days before Halloween, but the skiing on October 21 certainly felt like an early Christmas present. The first half of October brought a substantial amount of snow to the mountains, so we made a one... Continue Reading →

Spring Skiing at Whitewater – Last Call

Just as we thought the best skiing of the season was behind us, winter came back in full force providing us with some of the softest conditions yet. Many days of fog and rain in town translated to constant snow... Continue Reading →

Spring Skiing at Whitewater – Part I

Last week we experienced "spring skiing" at Whitewater. Apparently, sun is not often part of it here.¬† It was nice to lap our favorite runs in trickier conditions, but ultimately, variable snow at lower elevations sent us to Pipeline Couloir... Continue Reading →

Storming at Whitewater

It seems a lot of skiers have given up on winter and the ski hill has gotten very quiet again. That's good, since conditions have not been conductive to touring lately. Low visibility and copious moisture have kept us inbounds... Continue Reading →

North Qua

On Google Earth, the East face of North Qua looks like a dream descent. To challenge this hypothesis, we took advantage of a short window of stable snow and clear skies, as our route would involve a lot of alpine... Continue Reading →

Larch Peak

Reaching Larch peak is a long tour from Whitewater, but it is worth every single step. We started from the base of the resort just before dawn under a low and almost full moon. The day was predicted to be... Continue Reading →

Thick at Kootenay Pass

30mm of precipitation in 24hrs and a snow-rain line rising to 1750m meant Kootenay Pass was a better bet than Whitewater yesterday morning. The pass sits at 1781m, sparing us any exposure to liquid precipitation, a service the resort could... Continue Reading →

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