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Intro to Freedom – A Music Video

Entirely produced by Cuckoo Tales using a single Gopro H5 camera. Shot on location in the West Kootenays of British Columbia. All lift accessed from WH2O and/or leg power. No sleds, no choppers.


Scrambling Tetrahedron Peak

Twice in the past month, hiking up Mt Steele and Rainy Peak, we gravitated towards the Tetrahedron.  Its pull became undeniable.  Nothing short of mounting the summit would provide relief. The King of the lower Sunshine Coast summoned us on... Continue Reading →

A Night on Mount Steele

The wide summit ridge of Mount Steele is a 15-20 mins hike from the comfortable cabin of the same name.  This would make it an ideal destination for stargazing if light from Vancouver and Nanaimo didn't reach the area...  Nevertheless,... Continue Reading →

The Ramparts

One last article for the 2018 ski season to celebrate the arrival of summer and the reversal of the sun cycle towards shorter days and powder... The countdown has begun, enjoy summer while it lasts! Our trip to the Ramparts... Continue Reading →

Ripple Mountain NW Couloir

After Hidden Chute, the thrill of couloir skiing got to our heads and Gab started obsessively looking at maps to find an even more obscure, narrow, steep and remote North facing line. Ripple mountain, the highest point in the vicinity... Continue Reading →

Hidden Chute

An early start is always a good start.  In the alpine, as the very first glow of a clear winter day grows stronger, the sky goes through an array of colors that has a calming effect on the soul. Time fades into... Continue Reading →

Wolf Peak

On March 7 2018, Rox and Gab set forth on a mission to visit the Wolf of Kootenay Pass. The sun appeared shortly after takeoff, cooking the two birds like barbecue chicken. They rushed to the height of land where... Continue Reading →

Cuckoo Camp

After a January of precipitation and grey weather, the skies finally cleared. The horizon expanded beyond the immediate surroundings, revealing once hidden territories and a world of endless possibilities. Lured in by the dazzling peaks, the Cuckoos ventured into the... Continue Reading →

Dual Action on Brennan

On December 6, the Cuckoos left the nest at 4:30 AM in hopes of skiing Mt Brennan, wondering if they were early enough for a full ascent. Last year, Gab attempted a solo tour to what became a seemingly unattainable... Continue Reading →

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