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Freedom III – Vent Cosmique

Safety is not freedom - Why fear and not dream? Exclusion is not love - Why seek vilains and not heroes? Robots are not people - Why force and not inspire? In memory of Isabelle Brisson (1997 - 2020),... Continue Reading →

Freedom II – Réfraction

Music and Images produced by Cuckoo Tales
Shot in the Columbia Mountains of BC 2018-2020.
All backcountry travel for the production of this movie has been leg powered.

Freedom I – Dédication

Sound and Images entirely produced and financed by Cuckoo Tales.
Shot in the Columbia Mountains of British Columbia over the 2018-2019 ski season.
No helicopter, snowmobile, SUV or pick up truck has been used for the production of this movie.

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Trip Date: January 20th After years of legwork, our long quest bore fruit.  At last, we found Cloud Cuckoo Land.  A place that transcends the laws of physics and chemistry as we know them.  But in order to fly, everything... Continue Reading →

London Ridge “Bluebird”

Trip date: Jan 8, 2019 We started in darkness, trying to pick our route through an alder maze, expecting a cold, vivid bluebird day.  That's what the forecast called for... Reality had different plans.  20 minutes after an exceptional sunrise,... Continue Reading →

Copper Mountain Cabin

By some Christmas miracle, we managed to teleport ourselves and 4 powder hungry friends to the middle of the Bonnington Range at Copper Cabin from Dec. 26 to 29 - Typically a two day approach.  Looking back, our overall goal... Continue Reading →

Intro to Freedom – A Music Video

Entirely produced by Cuckoo Tales using a single Gopro H5 camera. Shot on location in the West Kootenays of British Columbia. All lift accessed from WH2O and/or leg power.
No sleds, no choppers.

Scrambling Tetrahedron Peak

Twice in the past month, hiking up Mt Steele and Rainy Peak, we gravitated towards the Tetrahedron.  Its pull became undeniable.  Nothing short of mounting the summit would provide relief. The King of the lower Sunshine Coast summoned us on... Continue Reading →

A Night on Mount Steele

The wide summit ridge of Mount Steele is a 15-20 mins hike from the comfortable cabin of the same name.  This would make it an ideal destination for stargazing if light from Vancouver and Nanaimo didn't reach the area...  Nevertheless,... Continue Reading →

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